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The only cryptocurrency OTC specialist in Hong Kong. It is your professional gateway to cryptocurrency OTC in Hong Kong. Our average daily transaction is 10M+ USDT

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Start using OTC trading now

Using OTC trading, you can settle large-sized transactions with deeper liquidity, smaller market impact, and operational simplicity. You can acquire an agreed single quote on your full-sized order instantly. No uncertain association with price slippage or need for exchange order book discovery.

Find the best execution strategy from our professional expertise and access the liquidity. The trading process is entirely confidential, and your personal data is also highly protected.

Professional Tether OTC In HK

OTC trades are settled less than 15min. We abide with AML, KYC and other global compliance standard. We offer flexible payment options.

  • Cash settlement, FPS, Alipay HK and local banks transfer available
  • Exchange with HKD or USD
  • No extra fee will be charged

How to trade?

You can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency with HKD or USD at competitive prices and store them securely in one convenient place.




Who are we?

We are your professional gateway to OTC in Hong Kong. We partner with well-known investment firms, our average daily transaction is 10M+ USDT. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to providing reliable, secured, and instant transactions for our clients.

Start your digital asset trading journey with the OTC professional.